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Please check back here regularly - new articles are added from time to time

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Can't save to a PDF or email forms (Nov-Dec 2015)
A Windows update has broken this functionality of BusinessVision. Here's how to fix this.

Add a company to the BusinessVision company list
Your company has somehow dropped off the BusinessVision company list. Here's how to add it back.

Reset your Browses to prevent freezing
Sometimes when you access a Browse, your whole computer may freeze up. Also, items may disappear from the Multicurrency browse, and sometimes even from other browses. Here's what to do to fix this and prevent this from reoccurring.

How to add a custom report
Wildwood Canada has created a custom report for you. Here's how to add that report to BusinessVision.

How to "point" to modified forms
If you are using a modified form (for example your invoice has your logo on it and some fields have been moved around), you must "point" each user to the modified form. Here's how to do this.

Payroll Yearend
The proper process to follow

General Ledger is out of balance
Here's how to fix this. This will also fix a variety of other General Ledger issues.

How to make an Unbalanced Journal Entry
Here's how to make an unbalanced journal entry to bring the General Ledger back into balance.

Fiscal years in BusinessVision
Many BusinessVision users are not aware that there are actually three fiscal years available.

Some important pointers about the yearend process in BusinessVision.

The Current Earnings General Ledger Account
Many BusinessVision users don't understand what this account is actually used for, and as a result BusinessVision may be improperly configured.

How to resync the On Order, Back Order and Committed Quantities in Inventory
If these numbers get thrown off due to system problems, here's how to resync them to Order Entry and Purchase Order.

How to reprint a Packing Slip
The process to reprint a Packing Slip is not immediately obvious. Here's how to do it (v2011 and prior).
In BusinessVision v2013 this has been made much easier.

How to reprint a Purchase Order
Ditto for Purchase Orders (except this has not yet been made easier).

User is already logged into BusinessVision - the BusinessVision "User Log"
In v7.2 and higher of BusinessVision, if the program terminates abnormally the user will be left "logged on" even though in reality they are not. That user will not be able to log on again until you clear them from the list of Logged On Users. There are also instructions on how to turn this only-semi-helpful feature off, along with a complete explanation of what this feature actually does.

Delete an Unpaid Timecard from Payroll

A/R Finance Charges
How to calculate these and how they work; what rules this fution follows

Vacation Pay
Some rules and tips

Inventory Price Changes
Method 1

Reasons why the Inventory GL Account may not equal the Stock Status Summary
In theory, the GL Inventory control accounts should not differ from the Stock Status Summary. However, there are a number of reasons why discrepancies may arise.

HST - how to handle this within BusinessVision
HST ITC Recapture - how to handle this



The BusinessVision Control file for this company is no longer accessible
Basic troubleshooting steps

Disconnect users from the BusinessVision data files using Pervasive Monitor
Use the Pervasive Monitor to see who's logged on to BusinessVision and to terminate their connection

System Requirements and Best Practices
How to provide the best environment in which to run BusinessVision

Factors that can cause BusinessVision to run slowly
The most likely causes

Common causes of BusinessVision data file corruption
The most likely causes

How to properly configure Pervasive v10
Certain settings must be made in Pervasive in order for BusinessVision to operate properly. Here's how to do this in Pervasive v10. REVISED Feb 16/2013

How to install BusinessVision (v2013) - step by step instructions, assuming BusinessVision has already been licensed and installed on your network. These instructions assume you have some degree of technical ability. REVISED Feb 16/2013.
These instructions apply to v2014 as well.

Moving BusinessVision to a new server
Installing BusinessVision on a Terminal Server

There has been a disturbing trend recently amongst I.T. people to neglect consulting a BusinessVision professional when doing either of these tasks. Neither of these is a straightforward operation and DOES require the assistance of a competent BusinessVision professional.

The most important BusinessVision "don'ts"

BusinessVision Compatibility
Windows, Pervasive and Crystal Reports versions supported



The Future of BusinessVision
Some straight talk about this

Custom Pack add-on
What this add-on can do for you and your business - a brochure from Sage (PDF)

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