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Custom Application Development

Wildwood Canada specializes in custom add-ons to Sage BusinessVision. Some examples of this are...
  • EFT Payments application
  • Extend the functionality of BusinessVision by adding additional ways to store and manipulate data in side systems.
  • Interface with other software, particularly vertical applications. Import Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, G/L Journal entries, Sales Orders and more into BusinessVision. Extract information for BusinessVision and send it to other applications. All automatically without going through tiresome manual import and export procedures.
  • Automatically update Multi-currency exchange rates in BusinessVision.
  • Easily update prices in BusinessVision.
  • Crystal Reports report writing for any application that utilizes that reporting engine.
  • Enhanced reporting. BusinessVision utilizes the Crystal Reports engine to produce reports. If the report is complex enough, or your BusinessVision data set is large enough, reports can take hours to run, in some cases as long as 12 hours! Pulling BusinessVision data into a custom application and manipulating the data and printing the report there can save a substantial amount of time, reducing reporting time to as little as five minutes from the 12-hour example given.

Wildwood Canada also creates standalone applications designed for your custom needs.

For more information about Wildwood Canada's add-ons that interface with BusinessVision and Spire, CLICK HERE.

I utilize the following tools:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET) 2013
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Access

Wildwood Canada is a small business just like yours (less than 100 employees). With only one person to deal with (not a team of ever-changing staff of questionable qualifications and widely varying skill sets), your requirements will be listened to carefully and I will work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive a high quality custom developed application that meets your needs.

With over 30 years of experience in application development, I will put my expertise and experience to work for you and your business systems.

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