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EFT Payments application

Cheque fraud and theft has become rampant, and can cause your company untold expense and hours of wasted time, not to mention the stress, aggravation, and feeling of vulnerability when it happens.
Paying your vendors by EFT has these benefits:
  • prevent cheque fraud
  • fast and efficient
  • save on postage, envelopes, pre-printed cheque stock
  • save the time and the hassle of stuffing envelopes and mailing
  • secure

Even with the bank fees for processing EFT payments, you will still save money over processing and mailing cheques. And also gain the added security of paying your bills electronically.

Why use Wildwood Canada's EFT application?

  • EFT is not available in BusinessVision
  • It is far more flexible, comprehensive, and easier to use than Spire's EFT implementation
  • It is flexible, easy and intuitive to use, placing the entire process under your control (except you must still upload the EFT file to your bank, of course)
Wildwood Canada's EFT application supports paying your vendors as well as receiving PAD payments from your customers. In the feature list below, where you see "vendor" please read that as "vendors and customers."

The following features are available in Wildwood Canada's EFT application:

  • Process vendor payments and pre-authorized debits (PADs) from your customers
  • Canadian and US dollar payments
  • Payments to both Canadian and US banks
  • Many EFT formats are supported, including Telpay
  • Supports Payee Match and Positive Pay, which are cheque-verification services provided by banks under various names
  • Interfaces seamlessly with Spire and BusinessVision (no import or export in Spire or BusinessVision is ever necessary)
  • Multi-currency, multi-user, multi-company, multi-batch
  • Process multiple EFT batches at once
  • Retrieves Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable from Spire and BusinessVision, using your choice of four different methods: select records from each individual vendor, select all invoices due by a certain date, select all invoices that are "x" days old, or retrieve a Batch Payables list from Spire or BusinessVision
  • Posts payments to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, links and closes paid items, and posts to the general ledger
  • Supports BusinessVision/Spire divisions
  • Payments are posted to a clearing account for the total, and a journal entry is automatically made to reallocate this total to your GL bank account.
  • Email vendors/customers with an attached PDF remittance advice, with numerous email options, user-configurable email subject and body text, allows for resumption of partially emailed batch. Emails may be previewed before they are sent.
  • Email via Outlook (Desktop) or SMTP
  • All generated filenames are user-configurable
  • Supports Spire Customer and Vendor code change
  • Individual user login and many options for security and division of duties
  • Full control over FCN series (file control numbers)
  • Flexible and configurable with many options
  • Optional approvals process allows clerical staff to prepare payments batches, which must then be approved by a selected user with more rights prior to creation of EFT file, posting, and emailing
  • Complete history kept of all payment batches; a closed batch can be reopened from history
  • Reports
  • Import vendor and customer bank account information from Excel during setup, or use the bank account info from Spire (Canadian banks only), as well as email addresses
  • More features are being added
  • One time purchase price for unlimited use, annual software updates fee does apply
  • This is NOT a cloud application, and it is NOT SaaS (Software as a Service.

Supports both Spire and BusinessVision

For more information please contact Wildwood Canada


(some screen captures have been reduced in size in order to fit on this web page)


Main application screen



Active Batch


Vendor Info screen
In this sample scenario, bank account info and email addresses are being pulled from Spire

Retrieve Payables screen
Configuration screen showing options
Email Configuration screen
User Access Configuration
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