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Factors that can cause BusinessVision to run slowly


BusinessVision - like all software running on a computer - relies on the hardware, software, and configuration that make up the entire network on which it is running. It also relies on the Windows operating system (OS) to provide services for it, such as access to servers, printers, the Internet, and so on. Just like your car that that you drive on roads... The roads are services provided by various municipalities, and you the driver, and your car, rely on those services. If the road is bumpy you can't drive as fast. If the stoplights don't work properly you could be involved in a crash. If you or other drivers don't obey the rules of the road, then you get the same negative result.

Here are some factors which affect the speed at which BusinessVision operates. This is a general list only. Determining whether these factors are significant in any given situation usually requires the services of a competent and experienced IT support person.

  • Network issues
    • running BusinessVision over a wireless network connection (don't do this)
    • faulty switch or hub (this is where the network cables all come together)
    • improperly installed or configured IP phones - these are becoming a real problem as too many IT people are passing themselves off as IP Phone experts when they are in fact nothing of the sort. Improperly installed IP Phones can seriously bog down your entire network.
    • incorrectly configured network services, such as DNS, DHCP
    • overly busy network
    • bad network cables, or incorrectly located
    • network running at 10 or 100mb, rather than at 1000mb (1gb)
    • user permissions (although these are usually an "all-or-nothing" factor)
  • Server computer issues
    • inadequate RAM
    • too much of the available RAM being used
    • a server that is running too many programs at once
    • processes running on the server that are consuming too much RAM or CPU time - in some cases these require a bit of detective work to find
    • incorrectly configured anti-virus software:
      • overly aggressive settings that bog the server down
      • BusinessVision data files should always be excluded from scanning
    • underpowered (perhaps with an old or underpowered CPU)
    • lack of hard drive space
    • faulty hardware (RAM, hard drives, etc)
    • server with workstation hard drives (SATA) as opposed to server hard drives (SAS)
    • use of a desktop computer as a server
    • programs or processes that cause conflicts
  • Desktop computer issues
    • old and slow
    • incorrectly configured anti-virus software:
      • overly aggressive settings that bog the computer down
      • BusinessVision data files should always be excluded from scanning.
    • inadequate RAM
    • underpowered (older CPU)
    • too many programs running
    • programs that cause conflicts
    • inadequate hard drive space
    • faulty hardware (RAM, hard drives, etc)
  • BusinessVision and Pervasive issues
    • corrupt BusinessVision data files
    • incorrect Pervasive settings (see also Pervasive Settings)
    • incorrectly configured Pervasive Gateway, or no Gateway
    • placing BusinessVision data on a NAS (Network Area Storage device). BusinessVision data must be located on a Windows computer with Pervasive running on that computer.
    • very large BusinessVision data files (BUT this is usually only a factor when running reports or functions such as yearend)

Factors which do NOT usually affect the speed of BusinessVision

  • The size of the BusinessVision data files, unless these are particularly large. And even if they are, this is usually only a factor in generating reports or with maintenance operations (such as Yearend),
  • Whether the server is virtualized or not. If your BusinessVision is operating noticeably slowly, any speed to be gained by virtualization (if any) will be negligible. Virtualization is often overrated, especially within the context of small businesses.

Basic Troubleshooting Step

  1. Copy your BusinessVision data to a desktop computer and run tests with that data set. If the speed is back up to what is expected, then you know you probably have a Server computer issue or a Network issue. Although there are a few other issues that may still be at play in this scenario.
    If the speed is still slow, then you know you have a Desktop computer issue or a BusinessVision issue.
    This is the single most important first step to take.
    PLEASE NOTE there are adjustments to make when you copy a BV data set - you normally can't simply copy it to wherever you wish and expect BusinessVision to run properly.
  2. Further troubleshooting usually requires the services of a competent and experienced IT support person.
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