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The General Ledger is out of balance


Sometimes due to system problems (network or computer problems) you may find that your General Ledger has gotten out of balance. This can usually be fixed by doing a "Reorganize" on the General Ledger.

**PLEASE NOTE: If your Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable subledger does not equal the General ledger control account, this does NOT mean you are "out of balance". This is a completely separate issue.

An out of balance G/L can arise in two ways. One is if there is an incomplete (unbalanced) journal entry. The second is if not all journal entries got completely posted.

The Reorganize function can ensure that all journal entries are completely posted.

If this does not fix your out-of-balance issue, you may wish to make an unbalanced Journal Entry to fix it.

PS This function can also be used to post a journal entry that never got posted to the chart of accounts at all. This function reposts ALL journal entries, so it can be used to fix a variety of issues.


Select File, Reorganize Files:

The following warning will come up. It is indeed a good idea to have a current backup of your files before doing this!

Check the box beside the G/L Transactions file:

Note the option available to the right: "Reallocate transaction data to new fiscal periods". What this is really saying is, "Repost all the journal entries". Check the box. This is particularly important within this context of an unbalanced G/L, as it ensures that all journal entries have been posted to the General Ledger chart of accounts.

Click the Reorganize icon:

When complete the following message will appear:

Now you should reprint your Trial Balance to see if your General Ledger is now in balance. If it is, then the out of balance problem has been solved!

If your General Ledger is still out of balance, then you may need to make an Unbalanced Journal Entry to fix it.

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