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How to make an unbalanced journal entry


Sometimes due to system problems (network or computer problems) you may find that your General Ledger has gotten out of balance.
**PLEASE NOTE: If your Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable subledger does not equal the General ledger control account, this does NOT mean you are "out of balance". This is a completely separate issue.

This page will take you through the steps to rectify the situation.

There are four parts to this process:

  1. Reorganize the General Ledger files
  2. Create a new user called "UNBALANCED"
  3. Print the "Unbalanced G/L transactions" Report
  4. Make an unbalanced entry to bring the General Ledger back into balance.

Depending on the exact situation, you may be able to skip one or more of these steps. For example, if you know that your out of balance situation is caused by an out of balance journal entry, then you can go straight to steps 2 and 4.

1. Reorganize the General Ledger files

This is described on a separate page.

2. Create a new User called  "UNBALANCED"

If you don't already have an "UNBALANCED" user you will need to create one.

The quickest way to accomplish this is to copy an existing user. Make sure you copy a user with rights to the General Ledger. You do this in Utilities, System Manager, User Details:

Select a suitable existing user to copy From, and click the Copy button:

The new user you are to create must have a User ID of UNBALANCED and Initials of *** (3 stars). Give the new user a password that you will remember, as you are not likely to use this User ID very often.

Click Ok when you have filled in all the fields.

Stay in User Details for the new user UNBALANCED. Go to General Ledger, Reports, and make sure the new user has permission to run the "Unbalanced G/L Transactions" report.

Save the changes for the UNBALANCED user.

3. Print the "Unbalanced G/L Transactions" Report

Log in as the UNBALANCED user.

If you don't know where the imbalance is in the General Ledger, it may help to run the "Unbalanced G/L Transactions" report. This report can take quite a while to run, so be patient.
PLEASE NOTE: This report is only available to the UNBALANCED User.

Examine the output of the report to determine what correction you need to make in the G/L.

4. Make an unbalanced entry to bring the General Ledger back into balance

The UNBALANCED user is allowed to make unbalanced journal entries.

Start a journal entry as usual. Typically the journal entries made to correct out-of-balance situations are one-line journal entries.

Make the entry to correct the out of balance situation.

Notice that the "Post" icon is now available even though the journal entry is not balanced.

Click "Post" when your entry is complete and the following warning will come up:

Click Yes and your unbalanced journal entry will be posted.

As a final step print and check the Trial Balance again to ensure your General Ledger is now in balance.

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