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Use Pervasive Monitor to see who's logged on to BusinessVision and optionally terminate their connection


The BusinessVision "User Log" function will show you who is logged onto BusinessVision, but it doesn't provide any means to log them off. To do this you must use the Pervasive utility called Monitor.

CAUTION: Use this utility with care, as you can cause damage to your BusinessVision data files if used improperly.
(Please note that the Pervasive Monitor is NOT the same thing as the BusinessVision User Log, and will show different information.)

Access the Pervasive Monitor from your Windows Start Menu: Pervasive, Utilities, Monitor:

When the Pervasive Monitor starts all you will see is this blank screen:

Inside this utility you will have to log on to your server where your BusinessVision data is located. In order to do this you will need three things:

  1. The name of the server
  2. The Windows administrator user name, or a Windows user with sufficient rights
  3. The Windows user password for that user name

Please note that the above does NOT refer to any BusinessVision user names or passwords.

From the menu select Options, Connect

Enter the information into the fields and click Ok. The following is an example only. Your Server Name and even the User Name may differ from this.

If the Monitor is able to connect successfully to the server you will not see any confirmation message. It will simply go back to the blank Monitor screen. If it cannot connect you will see some sort of error message.

NOTE: If you instead run the Pervasive Monitor right on your server (where your BusinessVision data is located), you will NOT have to perform the login steps outlined above.

From the menu select Microkernel, Active Users.

You will see a list of users who have BusinessVision data files open.

You may immediately notice one of the greatest drawbacks of this utility. Usually it doesn't tell you the name of the user, nor even their computer name! Sometimes it does, but usually not.

You will see from this screen that the files open by each user are shown.

In order to terminate a user's connection to the BusinessVision data files, you select the user and click Delete Current User. This does not delete the user from BusinessVision, it just closes the connection to the BusinessVision data files.

And here's where the caveat comes in. If you close a user's connection you could corrupt the data file!

In the above example, notice that the user is in Order Entry - you can tell because the SLSORD.BTR file is open. If they are in the middle of editing or creating an order, either their changes will be lost, or the Order may be left with partial data in it. It may or may not be corrupted.
However, if you absolutely MUST disconnect this user, and their BusinessVision session is not accessible for whatever reason, then this is how you can do it.

The best and usual use of this utility:
The Pervasive Monitor utility is best used when you have to get everyone out of BusinessVision, and everyone appears to have exited, but you still can't get into System Setup. Or you wish to copy or backup the BusinessVision data and cannot because there is a file in use.
Sometimes when exiting BusinessVision two or three data files are left open, such as in the following example:

None of the files shown here are critical to the operation of BusinessVision. They don't contain actual company data. So the connection may be safely terminated in this case.

To terminate the above user's connection, and close the BusinessVision data files opened by that user, click Delete Current User, and then click Yes.

When you are done with the Monitor utility, simply close it.

There is a video of this process on Youtube.

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