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How modify the BusinessVision Company List


If your company is no longer listed in the Company List when you start BusinessVision, this page shows you how to add it back.
PLEASE NOTE that you will need to know where on your computer or network (server) your BusinessVision company data files are located.

If, when you start BusinessVision, it starts doing a search for BV Company data files, CLICK HERE.

For problems that might prevent you from adding your Company's BusinessVision data to the Company List, CLICK HERE.

1. You must first log into BusinessVision with some company. Usually that is ABC Electronics (the set of sample data supplied with BusinessVision), or some other company. If, when you start BusinessVision, it starts doing a search for BusinessVision Company data files, CLICK HERE. In other words, you don't even see the Company List.

If you have to log into ABC Electronics the user name is BUSINESS and the password is VISION.


2. Once logged into BusinessVision, from the menu, select File, Company Selection

3. The Company List will appear just like when you start up BusinessVision. However, there are two additional buttons displayed: Amend and Delete. These two buttons allow you to modify the Company List.
Click the Amend button.

4. The following screen will appear.
Click "Open" ("Open a company file (BVCON.FIL) and add the company to the list")

5. You will see a standard Windows file and folder navigation dialog box appear. You will need to use this dialog box to find your company's BusinessVision data files. To do this you need to know the location of those files.

6. Click the small down arrow to the right of the "Look in" box at the top. What you see will look something like this, but with different folders shown in the list. If you are familiar with navigating in Windows to folders, then simply use this to navigate to the folder where your company's BusinessVision data files are located. Otherwise, continue on with the steps below.

7. From this list, click on My Computer.

8. Double-click on the drive where your company's BusinessVision data files are located. At this point you are on your own as far as these instructions go, since every client's BusinessVision data files are located in a different location. But essentially, you have to double click your way into the folders to wherever your company's BusinessVision data files are located.

In this example, I will add the BusinessVision demo data to the BusinessVision Company List (ABC Electronics). It is always located in C:\BusinessVision\Demo. Your company's BusinessVision data will NOT be located here.

9. Note that the dialog box is looking for a "Company Control File (BVCon.fil)", as indicated in the box that is labeled "Files of type". This is the file that defines a company's BusinessVision data folder.
Click on the BVCON.FIL file that you see in the list. The click on the "Open" button.

10. The following box will be displayed. It shows the Company name and the location of the BusinessVision data files for that company ("Working Directory").
If this is the Company that you want to add to the Company List, click the "Add" button. If not, click the "Cancel" button and go back to step #4 above.

11. You MAY see the following message pop up once you click the "Add" button in the preceding step. If so, it means that there is already a Company in the Company List with the same name. This can happen if you have more than one set of data in the Company List for your Company, such as an archived copy of a prior year's data. Or, it might mean that you already have your intended set of Company data in the Company List.
In any case, there is no harm in adding this Company to the list. All it means is that you will have to be careful to select the correct Company from the list whenever you start up BusinessVision.

Click "Yes".

12. You will then be taken back to the same screen you saw in step #4 above, except that now the "Cancel" button is replaced with a "Close" button.

Click the "Close" button.

13. You will then find yourself back at the standard Company List logon screen, where you started from, except that now the company that you just added will be in the list.

Log in to BusinessVision as usual.

14. Of course, you will have seen that you may also go through these screens to remove a company from the Company List. In Step #3 or #13 above, you can highlight a Company in the Company List and click on the "Delete" button to remove it from the list. PLEASE NOTE this does NOT delete the actual data. All this does is remove that set of BusinessVision data from the Company List; that's all.

What to do if BusinessVision starts searching for Company data files:

You have two choices:

1. Allow it to carry on searching. For each set of BusinessVision data that it finds, it will offer to add it to the Company List. Allow it to do so. Once it is done you will have a Company List with EVERY set of BusinessVision data that exists on your local computer and network (server). Carefully select the correct company to work with and log in as usual.

2. Abort the search and you will be taken to Step #3 above, but with a blank Company List. Add your Company's BusinessVision data by following the subsequent steps.

Problems that can prevent you from adding your Company to the Company List:

1. If your Company's BusinessVision data resides on a network drive that is no longer "mapped" then you will never find it until the drive is remapped. If you don't know how to map a network drive, then it's time to call your network support people to help. You're done here until the correct drive letter is remapped.

2. There may be problems with Pervasive. Pervasive must be correctly installed, configured, and running in order for you to be able to access BusinessVision data properly. If you are a client of Wildwood Canada please call me for assistance.

3. Other technical problems with your local computer, network, server, Pervasive or BusinessVision. If you are a client of Wildwood Canada please call me for assistance.

4. You do not have access to the "Amend" and "Delete" buttons shown in step #3. This means that you don't have the correct user rights to modify the Company List. Only users with the appropriate permissions can modify the Company List.

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