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You've upgraded to Spire ... Now What?

Now that you have upgraded to modern Spire, and you have become comfortable with Spire, it's time to look at some of the new features that Spire offers. What follows are only very brief descriptions of each feature.
  • Do math inside any numeric field
    You can type a small formula into any numeric field in Spire, and it will be evaulated for you. Spire will not retain the formula you type, but will present the result. For example, if you want to give a spontaneous 10% discount, you can type in 45*.9, which will evaulate to 40.50.
  • Filters and Searching
    Spire has a lot of power to help you locate records
  • Accessories
    If you want to always sell item "B" whenever you sell item "A", make item "B" an Accessory of item "A". The best example of this is if you sell a tire, then always sell a tire valve with it.
  • Levies
    Allows you to add a % charge to inventory items when sold. For example, when selling computer equipment in Ontario there is an environmental fee that must be levvied on every product. Spire can handle this and other levvies by attaching a Levy to the inventory item.
  • Sales Order Processing
    After creating a new Sales Order you can step it through Processed and Shipped to keep track of what stage the order is at. You can cause specific form(s) to print at each stage. See also Phases.
  • Salesperson rules
    Extra control over Salesperson assignments on new Sales Orders
  • Track Backorders
    This feature will allow you to track the status of backorders. When you first create an order a "-0" will be appended to the Order No. When you first invoice it when backordered items are left, the Order No. will change to have a suffix of "-1". And so on with subsequent invoicing when backordered items left behind.
  • Price Matrix
    This provides advanced pricing options, far beyond what BusinessVision was capable of. Price items or groups of items by Warehouse, Part #, UOM, Product Code, Customer, Ship-To, Territory. Create your own Customer Grouping codes and asign prices based on those. Price matirx items can be a dollar amount, a discount, or based on a set margin %. A date range may be assigned as well. Contract Pricing is also supported.
  • Cumulative Discounts
    Provide a discount if a particular quantity of a group of items is sold. In other words, Quantity Breaks across a range of items.
  • Requisitions
    Create Purchase Orders from within Sales Order for backordered items, or from Inventory using Suggested Order Qty. Also from Production Order if you have that module.
  • Production Order
    This add-on manages the process of building items using Bills of Material. Greatly enhances the basic functionality of BOMs: custom BOM for one order, variations of a BOM, know whether you can build a BOM and know the status of out-of-stock or nearly-out-of-stock items, and much more.
  • Service Manager
    Do you service customer equipment? This add-on module can help you with this.
  • User-Defined Fields
    This add-on allows you to define your own data fileds within Spire to hold just about any type of information you wish.
  • Attachments
    Link to any file on your network. Also supports URLs.
  • Communications
    This is like BV Notes on steroids. Set up alerts, assign them to particular Spire users. And coming in v3.0 these may be viewed in a calendar format.
  • Edit invoices
    If you entered the wrong information on a Sales Order and invoiced it, you can edit certain non-financial information on the Invoice after it has been posted. For example, Salesperson and Territory.
  • Mass edit
    If you need to change a whole set of Inventory Items to, say, change them to a new Product Code or colourize them, you can do a mass edit of them. This also applies to Customers.
  • Mass delete
    You may delete a number of items within a module all at once, subject of course to data integrity rules. Set a Filter for the items you wish to delete and then delete them all at once (use with care, of course!)
  • Colourize items
    You can assign a forground and background colour to Inventory items, Customers, and Vendors. This helps you see at a glance what "type" of item/customer/vendor you are viewing. A good example of this might be to colourize retail customers different from wholesale customers.
  • EFT payments
    Spire includes basic EFT functionality. It does have limitations - please contact Wildwood Canada if you need EFT functionality beyond the basic level. Wildwood Canada has an advanced EFT solution available.
  • Phases
    Create your own processes and steps and move Sales Orders or Purchase Orders through these. Track performance by seeing how long each order remains in each step. Forms may be printed for each step. Also available within Production Order.
  • Lot Tracking and Serial Numbers
    Spire supports full Lot Tracking. And improved serial number capabilities.
  • New types of Sales Orders
    RMA, Booking Order, Work Order
  • Surcharges
    If you charge a fuel surcharge or another type of surcharge, Spire supports this.
  • Colourize Sales Order types
    You can assign colours to different Sales Order types, ie Quote, Sales Order, RMA, etc
  • Deposits
    Easily take deposits on Sales Orders.
  • Credit Card Processing
    Process credit card payments directly within Spire.
  • Enhanced Sales Departments
    Spire now supports unlimited Sales Departments, and they can be named anything you wish (gone are the limitations of 200 departments, labelled 000-200).
  • Code Change
    Change Inventory, Customer and Vendor codes. All history is preserved.
  • Physical Inventory counting
    Spire has a new Physical Inventory function which is more flexible than what you may be used to. There are two main methods of doing physical counts in Spire.
  • Location Accounting
    Easily allocate sales, cost of sales - any transaction - to a Location. For example, Vancouver vs Toronto. This automates allocating transactions to a specific GL segment.
  • Profit Centres
    Similar to Location Accounting, but selected on an order-by-order basis.
  • Report Security
    Control report/forms permissions for each report and form: preview, print, export and email.
  • Enhanced Email
    Select any email address for each form. Set up your own email templates, with replaceable parameters.
  • Salesperson control
    Optionally restrict a Spire user (Salesperson) to working with only their own assigned Customers and Orders.
  • Price Warnings
    Setup a warning to be displayed if the margin on an item in Sales Order is too low.
  • Customer Credit
    Much more flexible options than BusinessVision
  • Inventory Labels
    Print any number of labels for Inventory items or items on Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.
  • Sales Order Job Headers
    Separate items on Sales Orders into groups and sections with Headers and subtotals
  • Export to Excel
    Export just about any on-screen list to Excel.
  • Better integrations and expandability
    Spire uses a much more versatile and capable database than BusinessVision. Spire also comes with an API. Therefore it is easier to integrate Spire with the web (for example a webstore), with other software, or to enhance the functionality of Spire (such as complex reporting, add new features, etc).
    Important: Please be very sure that whoever is constructing the integration for you is very knowledgeable about - and very experienced with - the Spire database. The integrity of your data is at stake. Wildwood Canada is very experienced in this area.
  • Quote archiving
    Spire can Archive Quotes so they are viewable in Sales History. From there you can resurrect it by copying it back into Sales order
  • Reordering and Requisitions
    Use Requisitions, or simply view on-screen the Suggested Order Qty right in Inventory
  • Default percentages for Landed Costs
    These can be set by Inventory item
  • Additional fields in Inventory
    Country of Origin, HS Code, Pack size, Default expiry days
  • Job Costing improvements
    Set the Job/Account by line item in Sales orders and Purchase Orders, and allocate A/R and A/P transactions into many Jobs.
  • Kits, Accessories, Macros
    In Spire v3.0 the capabilities of Kits has been greatly enhanced. A new type of Inventory item related to Kits - known as a Macro - has been implemented.
  • CRM
    Need a simple CRM? Spire's Communications may fulfill all your needs, especially with the new Calendar View in v3.0. You may also set Alerts.



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