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CAUTION re Upgrading to v3.8 and v3.9: Contact labels

In Spire v3.7 and prior, there are three Contacts available everywhere in Spire: Customers, Vendors, Employees, etc. By default they are labeled Contact #1, Contact #2, Contact #3.

These labels may be changed in Company Settings. However, many Spire users don't know this. Or, if they do, have not yet got around to changing the names, but intend to.

Spire v3.8 and v3.9 allow unlimited number of Contacts everywhere in the system. BUT ... there is a caution for when you upgrade...

You MUST change those labels before upgrading to v3.8, v3.9 or v3.10. Even if you never want to use the customized labels, you must change them before upgrading. For example, in Customers, change "Contact #1"  to "Cust Contact #1", and do similar for #2 and #3. Do something similar for Vendors and Employees as well.

In spire v3.7 and prior, if you change the label for Contact #1 in Customers, that change applies ONLY to Customers, which is what you'd expect. And this change will be carried through to v3.8 / v3.9, provided that Contact label is unique (eg the same wording for that label is not also used in say, Employees).

In Spire v3.8 and higher, if you change the label of Contact #1, intending it to apply to Customers ... well it won't apply just to Customers but it will change EVERYWHERE: Customers, Vendors, Employees, etc. This is because the list of Contact labels is now a global list, and is no longer per module.

If you have already upgraded to v3.8/v3.9, and you change Contact #1 to, for example, "A/P", intending that to apply to Customers, instead it will change to "A/P" everywhere that Contact #1 was used: Customers, Vendors, Employees, etc.

There is a way to recover from this, but it's an "under the hood" fix, and you will require my services to recover from this situation.
Similarly, if you have not yet changed the Contact #1 label and have already upgraded to v3.8/3.9, I can change it for you just for Customers - again, this is an "under the hood" fix.

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