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How to Upgrade Spire

Spire v3.3+ allows the end user to perform minor upgrades of Spire on their own, if you are comfortable with installing software.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT follow these instructions for an upgrade of Spire if ...

  • the upgrade involves a major version change, such as from v2 to v3.
  • there are significant database changes from your existing version to the version you are upgrading to, in particular if you have custom reports or forms, or add-on software that interacts with Spire. Please consult your Spire Partner or Wildwood Canada if you are in doubt.



  • You should only embark on this installation sequence if you are comfortable with installing software.
  • Please consult your Spire Partner or Wildwood Canada if you are unsure if you should perform the upgrade yourself.
  • This upgrade MUST be done on the Spire Server computer itself, NOT from a Spire desktop computer.
  • You need to have Spire Server Admin rights to do this process.


You need to be set as a Spire Administrator in order to do this.


Access Spire Administration

You MUST be on the actual Spire server computer itself to run this installation. It SHOULD NOT be run from a desktop computer.
Therefore you CANNOT do this by accessing Server Administration via the Tools menu in Spire.

On the server start a browser, preferably Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome.
The URL is usually  http://localhost:10880

Login with your Spire username and password:


Download the Spire upgrade installation file

In the upper right corner of the screen you will see an upgrade indicator - the bell with a number on it. The number indicates the number of potential upgrades that are available. In this case, there is one upgrade available.

An Update notice appears. In this example, it is offering an upgrade to v3.5.9, which contains the Jan 2021 Payroll Update.
***VERY IMPORTANT: If you are doing this in Dec 2020 or Jan 2021 for the payroll update, please DO NOT select v3.6 if it is available.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the Spire Server upgrade file. The file is downloaded by your browser into the usual location where downloads are saved - Usually your Windows Downloads folder.
If you are using the new Microsoft Edge browser (recommended), the download may be accessed in the lower left corner of your browser window, as show here:

Or access it via your Windows Downloads folder, shown here:


Starting the Spire Server installation

Double-click on the spire_server-3.5.9.exe file. It will be labeled with the version number: in this case, 3.5.9x.

You may get one or more messages from Windows about an unsafe file. This is because it is an "exe" file. Tell Windows you want to keep this file and run it. Click "More Info, and then "Run Anyway".


Spire Server Installation

Simply accept the defaults for each screen by clicking Next.

Select either Enable or Disable Data Collection, as you prefer

There should be no need to install pgAdmin4, as it should already be installed.
Install Spire Desktop if you want it available on the Spire server computer.

Various installation messages will be presented, and you will eventually see the completion message.


When completed, you will be offered the login to the Spire Server Administration again.
It is best to log back in to see if a Database Upgrade is required for your databases.

A Database Upgrade will be required for any companies that are listed in italics.
Select those databases and click the Upgrade button above.
In this example, there are no databases that require upgrading, but the Database selection and Upgrade button are highlighted.


Upgrade Spire Desktops

For each of your computers that run Spire... start Spire. Once you login Spire will inform you that an upgrade is available. Elect to install it. Just select the defaults that are presented to you. The installation is actually quite easy.


That's it, you're done!


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