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How to report Spire errors


Occasionally you may encounter an error in Spire. Please report these to Wildwood Canada, so I can send them on to Spire for troubleshooting and correction.


Both of the following are critical in helping Wildwood Canada and Spire Support to provide assistance with your error. Without BOTH of these, there's sometimes very little that can be done to help you. Spire Support ALWAYS asks for the error text.

  • Please report the EXACT circumstances in which you experienced the error - exactly what you were doing in Spire when the error occurred - the more detail the better.
  • Copy and send the error text. While a screenshot is helpful, you MUST also copy and send the TEXT of the error, as described below.


This page explains how to copy the error text. Please do NOT take a cell phone photo of the screen. It sometimes creates a huge JPG file which slows the email, and also doesn't always capture the entire error text.

Usually the error will look something like this:

An unhandled exception has occurred

  1. Click on the error message beside the "X" icon and use CTRL-C to copy that text. Then paste it into an email.
  2. Click on "Show Details" - the button text will change to say "Hide Details"
  3. Click on the error text and copy it using CTRL-C. This copies the error text. Paste it into the email.
  4. Please send the email to your Spire Partner, who can then send it on to Spire Tech Support if necessary.


Sometimes the error will look like the following:
"Unexpected Error" with Traceback

Click on the error text and then press CTRL-C. This copies the error text. You can then paste it into an email.


Another type of error looks like this.
An unhandled exception has occurred
Click on the error text and hit CTRL-C to copy the error text. You can then paste it into an email.


Alternatively, as a last resort, if you are unable to do the CTRL-C to copy and then paste, at least take a screen shot by pressing the PRINT-SCREEN key. This takes a screen shot of your entire screen. You can then paste it into MS Paint and crop it, or paste the entire screen shot into the body of an email. Or into a Word document to send in an email. BUT this is nowhere near as helpful as copying the complete text of the error.

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