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Spire - New Features by Version

Please note that whenever there are database changes in a new version, any modified forms/reports that depend on the affected tables may break, and will need processing with Crystal Reports in order to function in the new version. In addition, 3rd party add-on applications may need updating for the changes. Please contact Wildwood Canada for more info.

Involvement of a Spire Partner is required to upgrade to any version 3, from any version prior to v3.0, due to numerous and significant database changes.

v3.11 (Sep 2023) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVkIvgz5zVA

v3.10 (Jan 12 2023) - http://help.spiresystems.com/manual/3.10/en/topic/version-3-10  

v3.9 (Sep 6 2022) - http://help.spiresystems.com/manual/3.9/en/topic/version-3-9

  • Emailing
    • new and improved email engine
    • save sent emails inside Spire
    • review and edit individual emails before sending
    • add attachments to emails
    • support for SendGrid email product (SMTP still supported of course)
    • send to a group of contacts
    • templates improved
  • Web printing: new (additional) report format intended for web portions of Spire
  • Quickbooks data conversion

v3.8 (Feb 10 2022) - http://help.spiresystems.com/manual/3.9/en/topic/version-3-8

  • NOTE: There are SIGNIFICANT DATABASE CHANGES in this version
  • General Ledger based BUDGETS and FORECASTS
  • Contacts: unlimited contacts in addresses: Customer, Vendor, Employee, everywhere else
  • Sales Order Tracking: can add the shipper URL
  • Inventory item copy: select all or none
  • Copy from Sales History to a new Sales Order: able to select what elements to copy

v3.7 (Aug 31 2021)

  • added integration to SPS Commerce EDI
  • Alavalara Sales Tax integration for Europe
  • POS terminal support for Payfacto (Payfirma)
  • ability to create new company with an empty chart of accounts
  • Sales Orders: add Aged AR tooltip to AR Balance field
  • Add Hold button inside an individual Sales Order
  • Inventory: Added Product Code field to adjustments, transfers, counts
  • A/P and A/R: Add date field when selecting items to pay
  • Price Matrix: Added Currency field
  • Compatibility: Windows Server 2012R2+ and Windows 8.1+
    (NOTE: Windows Server 2012R2 will be dropped soon)
  • overall speed enhancements

v3.6.9 (cumulative list)

  • Web-enabled access for Sales Orders, Sales History, Purchase Orders, Customers, Vendors, Inventory
    You MUST be current with the annual Spire Software Updates for this feature to be enabled.
    Access from outside your local network will require IT assistance.
  • optionally store file attachments in Spire Server
  • Accounts Payable: ability to print a Payment Remittance rather than a cheque

v3.6.3 (cumulative list)

  • move a ShipTo from one Customer to another
  • include current Customer's email addresses in Sales History when emailing
  • include current Vendor's email address in Purchase History when emailing
  • Payroll: allow more than 6 "other" boxes in T4 edit
  • Add Find Price button in Inventory Requisitions to select another Vendor's Price record

v3.6 (Jan 25 2021)

  • Browser module
  • Payroll
    • Unlimited custom pay types
    • Special pay type for Bonus (improves tax calculations)
    • Days since last pay for commission tax calculations
    • Payroll comments are now posted to Job Cost and GL
    • Employee communication alerts
    • Help, About shows payroll tables date
  • Sales Order
    • support Incoterms
    • show yellow background on costs that user has edited
  • Sales History
    • Can now toggle Kit components
    • added Open Customer and Open Inventory buttoins
  • Purchase Order
    • support Incoterms
  • Inventory
    • Adjustments and Transfers separated, and history visible
    • Multiple images per item
    • optionally store images in Spire Server
    • Auto-generate serial/lot numbers now starts with 1 if no base set, and remembers last created number
    • Inventory Counts: added Location field
    • Can open inventory item in Requisitions
  • Credit Card processing
    • can pre-authorize credit cards
    • Sync Customer details to Payfirma
  • General Ledger
    • Warning when logging into last available fiscal period
  • User Access
    • new setting to control access to bank account info in Customers, Vendors, Employees
  • Overall
    • numerous fixes and tweaking.
    • many speed enhancements
    • Spire user's username can be changed in the Spire Admin tool

v3.5.10 (Jan 8 2021)

  • Payroll: Add auto-calculation for Federal TD1 amount

v3.5 (May 28 2020)

  • New Features
    • Sales Taxes
      • Add support for Avalara tax service integration
      • Add ability to change tax codes for selected ShipTo’s in top menu: Customers -> Customer Address
    • Purchase Orders
      • Purchase Order totals will default to showing Ordered prior to Issuing; Received totals once Issued.
      • Add ability for user to change how Purchase Order is totaled, make it like Sales Orders
      • Add Accounts Payable tab to Purchase Orders and Purchase History
    • Payroll
      • Automatically calculate hours on ROE when Timecards don’t have it.
      • Add Update Hours button to ROE Edit screen
      • Add support for Quebec Health Services Fund. See new company setting in this link
    • Customers, Accounts Receivable
      • Add columns for Average Days to Pay and Credit Limit to Customer List and Accounts Receivable List, as well as user settings to enable them
    • Sales Orders, Sales History
      • Add columns for Freight and Weight to Sales Order Lists and Sales History Lists
      • Add ability to set default warehouse in Sales Order, Info tab
    • Inventory
      • Add Special account for non-inventory in Company Control Accounts. This will prevent non-inventory items from posting to the Inventory GL account.
      • Add setting to Company Settings, Company, Numbers to set number of decimal places to use in Sell and Cost price calculations
      • Add setting for Price Matrix Margin to use Average, Current or Standard Cost
    • Lot/Serial number changes
      • Add support for serial/lot cost to Inventory Adjustments and Transfers
      • Add User Defined Fields to serial/lot numbers
      • Add ability to see committed and pending receipt serial/lot numbers separately in Edit Inventory, Serial Numbers
      • Add ability to edit expiry date and sell prices on selected lot numbers
      • Add ability to export serial/lot numbers and records returned by Trace function
      • Record serial/lot cost during customer return when serialized cost is enabled
      • Add Expiry Date required flag to Edit Inventory
      • When viewing Serial/Lot #s a Filter has been added - this replaces the Available, Depleted, All dropdown
    • EFT
      • Add support for TD Bank 80 byte EFT file
    • Other and Misc
      • Add ability to Group By on Import so show items that should be included on a document. eg, lines to include on one Purchase Order
      • Add View Source and View Target buttons to Requisition List to allow the user to open the order the requisition came from and open the order that was created on processing the requisition.
    • Technical
      • Add max_wal_size tuning settings when the Spire Server installer is performing a new PostgreSQL installation
  • This list is also in the Spire online manual:  http://help.spiresystems.com/manual/3.5/en/topic/version-3-5

v3.4.1 (Apr 21, 2020)

  • Add Location and Profit Centre tracking to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Allow unused CRA Wage Subsidies to be used on future Remittances

v3.4.0 (Apr 6, 2020)

  • CRA Remittance feature, includes the CRA Wage Subsidy calculation

v3.3.3 (Dec 18 2019)

  • Jan 2020 Payroll Tax Tables
  • Add ability to import Job Cost entries
  • Alow import of AR Payments

v3.3.0 (Nov 6 2019)

  • There are a few database changes from v3.2.9, but not enough to break custom reports or forms.
  • New Spire Server Admin app, replaces the "Spire Tray" icon on the server, and may be accessed from anyplace on the local network (with appropriate login credentials of course).
  • Allow serialized Inventory to be Shipped on a Sales Order without assigning Serial Numbers
  • Add ability to drill down to Purchase Order or Production Order from Sales Order target field when Requisitions have been used
  • Add ability to drill down to Sales Orders from a Purchase Order or Production Order source field when Requisitions have been used
  • Add Movement tab to Inventory List
  • Add ability to create a Purchase Order for selected items on the Inventory List
  • Add ability to Select All/Select None on column right click menu
  • Add freight component to Inventory Transfer
  • Add ability to remember when user has done a cost override in Sales Order Current Cost and Standard Cost
  • Add User permission settings to create different Order types
  • Add User permission settings for Edit Sales Order Current Cost and Standard Cost
  • Add ability to add more lines to the bottom of a Sales Order Job group
  • Allow the insertion of an item into an expanded Sales Order Kit or Accessory group
  • Add ability to see other users’ calendars if permission has been enabled in Edit User, General, View All Calendars
  • Add ability to set Header and Footer messages for forms in Company Settings, Reports, Messages
  • Replace Report PDF viewer with one that supports Search
  • Drop support for XLS format - change all Import and Export functions to support Excel XLSX file format. CSV is still supported.
  • Improve speed opening a Sales Order for a customer with many associated records (AR, ShipTo IDs and Price Matrix)
  • Set Sales Order Total Weight field to read-only
  • Retain original Salesperson when doing a Sales History Invoice, Credit
  • Improve error reported while opening a Spire record containing invalid UDF data
  • Update database engine to PostgeSQL 10.9
  • Update pgAdmin to 4.13

v3.2.0 (May 8 2019)

  • Add ability to drag fields up and down in UDF setup
  • Add Last Receipt Date and Last Sales Date columns to Inventory List
  • Display Company name on Window Title bars
  • Add Production, Templates tab to Edit Inventory
  • Add Create Sales Order button to Inventory List to use for highlighted Inventory rows
  • Add Cost columns to Sales Orders, Items List
  • Add Total Current Cost, Current Margin, Current Margin %, Total Standard Cost, Standard Margin and
  • Margin % to Sales Order footer and Sales History Invoice footer
  • Add Reference and Memo columns to Inventory Adjustments
  • Add Standard Cost column to Sales History, Items List
  • Add Reference and Memo columns to Inventory Adjustments
  • Add ability to Receive a new Purchase Order without the requirement for Issue process
  • Add ability to look up Currency rate and adjust the rate from anywhere that Currency is displayed
  • Add ability to set and Edit Base Currency without requiring Multi-Currency to be enabled
  • Add ability to Void selected Payments from an Accounts Payable Payments batch,
  • Requires User, Accounts Payable, Void Transaction enabled
  • Show Communication Notes with blank times in the Calendar as All Day
  • New version of PG Admin
  • Improve speed opening Lists and Dialogs
  • Improve speed adding rows to a Production Order
  • Improve Phase filters to allow the selection of available Phases
  • Allow <blank> to be an option in UDF field drop down as applicable
  • Improve the ability to set UDF as “Required”
  • Improve filters to treat blank and null the same
  • Change T5018 process to use Payments rather than Invoices
  • Do not close Purchase Order screen when UnIssue is clicked
  • Improve speed loading Inventory Count during Freeze operation
  • Write AP Payment Reference number to GL Transaction memo
  • Add control over locked records

v3.1.2 (Mar 7 2019)

  • Add View History button to AR and AP screens to show all Applied records in a historical folio group

v3.1.1 (Feb 5 2019)

  • Add ability to set the Language for Spire to use in File, Options. Available Languages are English CA, English US, French CA and Spanish US
  • Add ability to create and print a Refund Cheque for a Customer in the AR Ledger

v3.1.0 (Jan 23 2019)

  • support for T4As and T5018 for Vendors, including upload to CRA
  • Payroll enhancements:
    • Add timecards by Department, Pay Period
    • GL Account for Vacation Pay
    • Default Deductions and Benefits by Department
    • Enhanced Benefits, Deductions, Vacation Pay management on Timecards
    • Add UDF to Timecards
    • Add many columns to Employee list
  • AP Batch: allow to select Vendors, added Filter ability, allow post EFT batch to bank as one amount
  • Added Spanish language support

v3.0.3 (Dec 19 2018)

  • Jan 2019 CRA Payroll tax tables
  • CAPS LOCK indicator in password field during login
  • Add Items tab to Vendors Purchasing
  • Vendors: Added default Payment GL Account

v3.0.2 (Dec 5 2018)

  • In Sales Orders, Invoices, and POs show non-inventory items in grey
  • Allow Job Address to be used as ShipTo on a PO

v3.0.1 (Nov 21 2018)

  • Protection against brute force password attempts
  • Add Select/Deselect All to Warehouse list when copy Inventory Item
  • Reports:
    • GL History reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance
    • GL Transactions by Month

v3.0 (Oct 11 2018)

  • An upgrade to v3.0 may only be performed by a qualified Spire Partner
  • SIGNIFICANT DATABASE CHANGES - these affect previously modified forms and reports; affect any 3rd-party applications that interface with the Spire database.
  • Inventory, Sales, Invoices
    • Kit compionents are stored with the order/invoice
    • Kits may contain serialized items
    • New Inventory type Macro, which is a list of items that may be purchased or sold together, user-slectable at time of purchase/sale.
    • Accessories: support for multiple accessories per Inventory Item
    • Synchronization  on screen between Sales Order and Sales History views
    • Serialized and Lot Costing - carry the individual cost from receipt through to sale
    • Sales Order and Quotes archiving and retrieval
    • Speed increases in Sales Order and Production Order
    • Scan multiplier - when scanning items you can prefix the scan with the number of items being scanned where appropriate
    • Inventory Receipts store more complete info: exchange rate, currency
    • Inventory receipts store receipts of non-inventory items
  • Company list by User: Users log in first, and then see their permitted company list
  • User Access settings
    • changed the "reverse" settings, such as "POS User only"
    • new Admin user that has all rights by default
    • allowance for a Spire Partner user
    • copy user rights from one user to another
  • Multilingual capabilities (framework for this has been added, French language coming soon)
  • Calendar view of Communications
  • Technology upgrades
    • Postgres v10, user interface Qt3, Python upgrade, etc
    • User interface enhancements: focus will be at beginning of all data fields
    • Better support for high-resolution monitors
  • Reports:
    • Financial Summary
    • Employee ROE
    • Inventory Purchase History
    • Inventory Sales in Base Currency
    • Sales History Reports tab added
  • Add Search ability to more screens
  • All Report/Form Previews are now PDFs
  • Fix occasional silent close error
  • Plus numerous fixes and many more smaller enhancements
  • This version lays the groundwork for numerous future improvements and enhancements

v2.10.1 (Jun 27, 2018)

  • Payroll changes for July 1 2018 (PEI only)

v2.9.5 (Mar 7, 2018)

  • Increase retention of Spire log file to 10 days

v2.9.4 (Feb 22, 2018)

  • Payroll: Record of Employment upload to CRA
  • Add user permission for building manufactured items

v2.9.3 (Feb 7, 2018)

v2.8.3 (Dec 26, 2017)

v2.8.2 (Dec 18, 2017)

  • January 2018 Payroll update

v2.8.0 (Dec 5, 2017)

v2.7.14 (Nov 8, 2017)

  • January 2018 Payroll update
  • Add Save and New button to GL Accounts

v2.7.8 (Oct 11, 2017)

  • Add Open Inventory button to Purchase Order screen
  • Add Job Cost columns to Purchase History

v2.7.7 (Sep 27, 2017)

  • Change indicator colours in Production Order and Components tab to use Remaining quantity rather than Required quantity

v2.7.5 (Sep 6, 2017)

  • Show negative Sales Order and Purchase Order totals in red
  • Database changes for Inventory Pricing
  • Improve speed of Inventory processes


  • Better display of GL Periods in GL Account Balances

v2.6.11 (Jul 26, 2017)

  • Enhance Sales Departments. Allow unlimited number of Sales Depts, add description and name.

v2.6.5 (Jun 14, 2017)

  • July 2017 Payroll updates
  • Add parameters to Inventory Reports tab

v2.6.0 (May 9, 2017)

  • Speed improvements
  • Add Show Stock button in Sales Order to display item in other Warehouses
  • Allow unlimited Payment Methods
  • Add support for penny rounding
  • Add Lot Number Trace
  • Consolidate tabs in some modules
  • Add Customer Addresses lookup
  • Add ability to view A/R and A/P History prior to last fiscal year
  • Improve speed on very large Purchase Orders
  • Prohibit delete Inventory item if it has ever been used
  • Improve Unicode character support

v2.5.18 (Jun 20, 2017)

  • July 2017 Payroll updates

v2.5.10 (Apr 5, 2017)

  • Add Open Inventory button to Sales Order

v2.5.0 (Feb 20, 2017)

  • Add Batch Payment process to A/R
  • Ability to email Customer Payment receipts
  • Automatic error reporting to Spire
  • Add User-Defined Fields to list views
  • Add basic EFT to A/P
  • Allow unlimited multiple UPC codes per inventory item
  • Add Reports tab to many modules
  • Add "Save and New" button
  • Allow saved Filters to be re-sequenced
  • Many speed improvements
  • Improve module and window settings save
  • Disallow Multiple Warehouses to be turned off

Versions prior to v2.5.0 - See this page


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