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Spire - New Features by Version

Please note that whenever there are database changes in a new version, any modified forms/reports that depend on the affected tables may break, and will need processing with Crystal Reports in order to function in the new version. In addition, 3rd party add-on applications may need updating for the changes. Please contact Wildwood Canada for more info.

Involvement of a Spire Partner is required to upgrade to any version 3, from any version prior to v3.0, due to numerous and significant database changes.

v3.4.1 (Apr 21, 2020)

  • Add Location and Profit Centre tracking to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Allow unused CRA Wage Subsidies to be used on future Remittances

v3.4.0 (Apr 6, 2020)

  • CRA Remittance feature, includes the CRA Wage Subsidy calculation

v3.3.3 (Dec 18 2019)

  • Jan 2020 Payroll Tax Tables
  • Add ability to import Job Cost entries
  • Alow import of AR Payments

v3.3.0 (Nov 6 2019)

  • There are a few database changes from v3.2.9, but not enough to break custom reports or forms.
  • New Spire Server Admin app, replaces the "Spire Tray" icon on the server, and may be accessed from anyplace on the local network (with appropriate login credentials of course).
  • Allow serialized Inventory to be Shipped on a Sales Order without assigning Serial Numbers
  • Add ability to drill down to Purchase Order or Production Order from Sales Order target field when Requisitions have been used
  • Add ability to drill down to Sales Orders from a Purchase Order or Production Order source field when Requisitions have been used
  • Add Movement tab to Inventory List
  • Add ability to create a Purchase Order for selected items on the Inventory List
  • Add ability to Select All/Select None on column right click menu
  • Add freight component to Inventory Transfer
  • Add ability to remember when user has done a cost override in Sales Order Current Cost and Standard Cost
  • Add User permission settings to create different Order types
  • Add User permission settings for Edit Sales Order Current Cost and Standard Cost
  • Add ability to add more lines to the bottom of a Sales Order Job group
  • Allow the insertion of an item into an expanded Sales Order Kit or Accessory group
  • Add ability to see other users’ calendars if permission has been enabled in Edit User, General, View All Calendars
  • Add ability to set Header and Footer messages for forms in Company Settings, Reports, Messages
  • Replace Report PDF viewer with one that supports Search
  • Drop support for XLS format - change all Import and Export functions to support Excel XLSX file format. CSV is still supported.
  • Improve speed opening a Sales Order for a customer with many associated records (AR, ShipTo IDs and Price Matrix)
  • Set Sales Order Total Weight field to read-only
  • Retain original Salesperson when doing a Sales History Invoice, Credit
  • Improve error reported while opening a Spire record containing invalid UDF data
  • Update database engine to PostgeSQL 10.9
  • Update pgAdmin to 4.13

v3.2.0 (May 8 2019)

  • Add ability to drag fields up and down in UDF setup
  • Add Last Receipt Date and Last Sales Date columns to Inventory List
  • Display Company name on Window Title bars
  • Add Production, Templates tab to Edit Inventory
  • Add Create Sales Order button to Inventory List to use for highlighted Inventory rows
  • Add Cost columns to Sales Orders, Items List
  • Add Total Current Cost, Current Margin, Current Margin %, Total Standard Cost, Standard Margin and
  • Margin % to Sales Order footer and Sales History Invoice footer
  • Add Reference and Memo columns to Inventory Adjustments
  • Add Standard Cost column to Sales History, Items List
  • Add Reference and Memo columns to Inventory Adjustments
  • Add ability to Receive a new Purchase Order without the requirement for Issue process
  • Add ability to look up Currency rate and adjust the rate from anywhere that Currency is displayed
  • Add ability to set and Edit Base Currency without requiring Multi-Currency to be enabled
  • Add ability to Void selected Payments from an Accounts Payable Payments batch,
  • Requires User, Accounts Payable, Void Transaction enabled
  • Show Communication Notes with blank times in the Calendar as All Day
  • New version of PG Admin
  • Improve speed opening Lists and Dialogs
  • Improve speed adding rows to a Production Order
  • Improve Phase filters to allow the selection of available Phases
  • Allow <blank> to be an option in UDF field drop down as applicable
  • Improve the ability to set UDF as “Required”
  • Improve filters to treat blank and null the same
  • Change T5018 process to use Payments rather than Invoices
  • Do not close Purchase Order screen when UnIssue is clicked
  • Improve speed loading Inventory Count during Freeze operation
  • Write AP Payment Reference number to GL Transaction memo
  • Add control over locked records

v3.1.2 (Mar 7 2019)

  • Add View History button to AR and AP screens to show all Applied records in a historical folio group

v3.1.1 (Feb 5 2019)

  • Add ability to set the Language for Spire to use in File, Options. Available Languages are English CA, English US, French CA and Spanish US
  • Add ability to create and print a Refund Cheque for a Customer in the AR Ledger

v3.1.0 (Jan 23 2019)

  • support for T4As and T5018 for Vendors, including upload to CRA
  • Payroll enhancements:
    • Add timecards by Department, Pay Period
    • GL Account for Vacation Pay
    • Default Deductions and Benefits by Department
    • Enhanced Benefits, Deductions, Vacation Pay management on Timecards
    • Add UDF to Timecards
    • Add many columns to Employee list
  • AP Batch: allow to select Vendors, added Filter ability, allow post EFT batch to bank as one amount
  • Added Spanish language support

v3.0.3 (Dec 19 2018)

  • Jan 2019 CRA Payroll tax tables
  • CAPS LOCK indicator in password field during login
  • Add Items tab to Vendors Purchasing
  • Vendors: Added default Payment GL Account

v3.0.2 (Dec 5 2018)

  • In Sales Orders, Invoices, and POs show non-inventory items in grey
  • Allow Job Address to be used as ShipTo on a PO

v3.0.1 (Nov 21 2018)

  • Protection against brute force password attempts
  • Add Select/Deselect All to Warehouse list when copy Inventory Item
  • Reports:
    • GL History reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance
    • GL Transactions by Month

v3.0 (Oct 11 2018)

  • An upgrade to v3.0 may only be performed by a qualified Spire Partner
  • SIGNIFICANT DATABASE CHANGES - these affect previously modified forms and reports; affect any 3rd-party applications that interface with the Spire database.
  • Inventory, Sales, Invoices
    • Kit compionents are stored with the order/invoice
    • Kits may contain serialized items
    • New Inventory type Macro, which is a list of items that may be purchased or sold together, user-slectable at time of purchase/sale.
    • Accessories: support for multiple accessories per Inventory Item
    • Synchronization  on screen between Sales Order and Sales History views
    • Serialized and Lot Costing - carry the individual cost from receipt through to sale
    • Sales Order and Quotes archiving and retrieval
    • Speed increases in Sales Order and Production Order
    • Scan multiplier - when scanning items you can prefix the scan with the number of items being scanned where appropriate
    • Inventory Receipts store more complete info: exchange rate, currency
    • Inventory receipts store receipts of non-inventory items
  • Company list by User: Users log in first, and then see their permitted company list
  • User Access settings
    • changed the "reverse" settings, such as "POS User only"
    • new Admin user that has all rights by default
    • allowance for a Spire Partner user
    • copy user rights from one user to another
  • Multilingual capabilities (framework for this has been added, French language coming soon)
  • Calendar view of Communications
  • Technology upgrades
    • Postgres v10, user interface Qt3, Python upgrade, etc
    • User interface enhancements: focus will be at beginning of all data fields
    • Better support for high-resolution monitors
  • Reports:
    • Financial Summary
    • Employee ROE
    • Inventory Purchase History
    • Inventory Sales in Base Currency
    • Sales History Reports tab added
  • Add Search ability to more screens
  • All Report/Form Previews are now PDFs
  • Fix occasional silent close error
  • Plus numerous fixes and many more smaller enhancements
  • This version lays the groundwork for numerous future improvements and enhancements

v2.10.1 (Jun 27, 2018)

  • Payroll changes for July 1 2018 (PEI only)

v2.9.5 (Mar 7, 2018)

  • Increase retention of Spire log file to 10 days

v2.9.4 (Feb 22, 2018)

  • Payroll: Record of Employment upload to CRA
  • Add user permission for building manufactured items

v2.9.3 (Feb 7, 2018)

v2.8.3 (Dec 26, 2017)

v2.8.2 (Dec 18, 2017)

  • January 2018 Payroll update

v2.8.0 (Dec 5, 2017)

v2.7.14 (Nov 8, 2017)

  • January 2018 Payroll update
  • Add Save and New button to GL Accounts

v2.7.8 (Oct 11, 2017)

  • Add Open Inventory button to Purchase Order screen
  • Add Job Cost columns to Purchase History

v2.7.7 (Sep 27, 2017)

  • Change indicator colours in Production Order and Components tab to use Remaining quantity rather than Required quantity

v2.7.5 (Sep 6, 2017)

  • Show negative Sales Order and Purchase Order totals in red
  • Database changes for Inventory Pricing
  • Improve speed of Inventory processes


  • Better display of GL Periods in GL Account Balances

v2.6.11 (Jul 26, 2017)

  • Enhance Sales Departments. Allow unlimited number of Sales Depts, add description and name.

v2.6.5 (Jun 14, 2017)

  • July 2017 Payroll updates
  • Add parameters to Inventory Reports tab

v2.6.0 (May 9, 2017)

  • Speed improvements
  • Add Show Stock button in Sales Order to display item in other Warehouses
  • Allow unlimited Payment Methods
  • Add support for penny rounding
  • Add Lot Number Trace
  • Consolidate tabs in some modules
  • Add Customer Addresses lookup
  • Add ability to view A/R and A/P History prior to last fiscal year
  • Improve speed on very large Purchase Orders
  • Prohibit delete Inventory item if it has ever been used
  • Improve Unicode character support

v2.5.18 (Jun 20, 2017)

  • July 2017 Payroll updates

v2.5.10 (Apr 5, 2017)

  • Add Open Inventory button to Sales Order

v2.5.0 (Feb 20, 2017)

  • Add Batch Payment process to A/R
  • Ability to email Customer Payment receipts
  • Automatic error reporting to Spire
  • Add User-Defined Fields to list views
  • Add basic EFT to A/P
  • Allow unlimited multiple UPC codes per inventory item
  • Add Reports tab to many modules
  • Add "Save and New" button
  • Allow saved Filters to be re-sequenced
  • Many speed improvements
  • Improve module and window settings save
  • Disallow Multiple Warehouses to be turned off

Versions prior to v2.5.0 - See this page


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