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Overview comparison of products similar to BusinessVision

(updated Jan 10 2015)
  • includes all core accounting modules (GL, AR, AP, Bank Rec)
  • includes Inventory management, Point of Sale, Payroll
  • will include Job Costing and Budgets and Forecasting (coming soon)
  • uses similar processes that you are used to using with BusinessVision
  • includes free 100% one-click data conversion from BusinessVision!
  • will enable you to use all of your customized forms and reports from BusinessVision
  • includes multicurrency at no extra charge
  • has a custom fields feature available (the "Workbook" of BusinessVision)
  • allows you to access your system 24x7x365 from anywhere and on almost any device (well, almost ... not a toaster!)
  • is written using modern software development tools
  • has a modern and powerful, easy to use interface
  • utilizes a modern and fast database engine
  • has many 3rd-party add-ons in development or already available; these are easily programmed and added
  • will include a CRM: coming soon
  • will have multi-lingual versions
  • will have a US version
  • will have Mac, Linux and Unix versions
  • allows you to add any number of custom reports and forms
  • provides comprehensive and powerful export of your data to Excel
  • supports full imports from Excel
  • gives you full ownership and control over your valuable and confidential accounting and business data
  • allows you to purchase it outright or rent it by monthly fee
  • includes built-in protection against data loss
  • is Canadian!
  • is produced by an established ethical company with a solid reputation for listening and responding to end users and the partner channel. Spire Systems is not a giant impersonal corporation based overseas.
  • is here to stay
  • to learn more about Spire, CLICK HERE

Please read all marketing material you receive these days with a very critical eye and verify the information that is being presented to you. The best source for verification is a 3rd party consultant, such as Wildwood Canada. Please contact me to discuss anything you read or hear about Spire, BusinessVision, or Sage 300 Online.

Sage 300 Online...

  • Is inappropriate for mostBusinessVision users
  • is actually just the old tired Accpac with "window dressing" - a more modern, browser-based user interface.
    As a BusinessVision user, you didn't want Accpac before, why would you want it now?
  • includes all of the concerns of any cloud-based accounting software: security, price increases, many very significant dependencies, potentially low integrity of your data, inability to customize, few if any add-ons available, unwanted upgrades, slow, inflexible, pricey, browser compatibility issues, and much more. Please read more here.
  • is pricey! $70 per user per company per month (beyond the special introductory pricing). If you have 10 users and two companies - a fairly typical BusinessVision installation - that works out to a whopping $16,800 per year!!
  • places your valuable and confidential business data on servers located in the USA
  • Your accounting records will be outside Canada, which is ILLEGAL, as per CRA regulations (yes, even for online scenarios)
  • Should you ever decide to move away from Sage 300 Online, your data will immediately become inaccessible. But remember that CRA requires you to retain your accounting records for a full seven years. You would be faced with continuing to pay for a service you're not using for seven more years.
  • the per company and per user pricing make it expensive and difficult to add a company to your system, such as when CRA comes to audit and you have to restore an older archived data set.
  • can change the pricing at any time at their whim, including adding arbitrary charges for adding users and companies or whatever else they want to ding you with at the time.
  • forces you to pay forever, with no option to buy - you are forever renting access to YOUR OWN DATA.
  • will include only minimal data conversion from BusinessVision
  • will force you into completely new processes and screens: a very steep learning curve
  • will force you to adopt methods of doing things you don't want, such as batch processing! (no more real time)
  • DOES still require adequate hardware and infrastructure to access it
  • locks you firmly into the one product (that's why there's such a push by cloud vendors for you to adopt their services)
  • forces you to become completely dependent upon ONE vendor (ditto). On the other hand when you purchase software, you aren't required to pay them anything ever again if you don't want to, and your software will continue to work with full access to your data (of course, there are some exceptions, depending on the vendor).
  • will provide little or no ability for add-ons or customization
  • includes all of the other serious concerns with any cloud-based product, all for free :) !

If BusinessVision had been modernized and enhanced over the past 7-10 years, it would still be a viable and excellent product to this day. But instead - unfortunately - Sage has caused it to coast into retirement.

  • was excellent and innovative in its day, but is now lagging behind modern software (very little investment from Sage)
  • is built with old software technology
  • uses a very old and very slow database
  • relies on unsupported components (Pervasive v10 and Crystal Reports v10)
  • has an old-style user interface with limited flexibility compared to modern software
  • offers little protection against data loss
  • has no CRM
  • does not allow use beyond the year 2020

To learn more about the future of BusinessVision (or actually the lack one), CLICK HERE

Although Quickbooks is well-known, uses modern technology, and has a modern and capable user interface, it does have serious shortcomings which you need to be aware of.

  • performs very poorly in multi-user situations
  • lacks audit control - any entry can be changed at any time!
  • has NO data conversion from BusinessVision
  • uses completely different processes than BusinessVision
  • uses a proprietary database, making database diagnosis and repair difficult or impossible
  • is actually suited to much smaller businesses than BusinessVision
  • must effectively be re-purchased every year or you will not be able to continue using it!

Simply Accounting (Sage 50)...

  • is called "Simply" for a reason - a lot of the functionality of BusinessVision is missing - you'd be giving up quite a bit!
  • has NO data conversion from BusinessVision
  • uses completely different processes than BusinessVision


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