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New Features in Spire, by version

Spire Systems is dedicated to developing the Spire product, by constantly adding value for end users.
  Feature Spire Version Release Date Module
1 Enforce Order number required, when Importing Sales Orders 1.0.1 1-Apr-15 Data Import
2 Remove Foreign values from Journal Entry view screens for transactions done in Base 1.0.1 1-Apr-15 Journal Entry
3 Show Reports saved to Custom Reports folder on computers without Crystal Designer installed 1.0.1 1-Apr-15 Crystal Reports
4 Display Type, Entity and Document values on G/L Reports when Memo is empty 1.0.2 10-Apr-15 General Ledger
5 Auto correct bad time data when converting BusinessVision data 1.0.2 10-Apr-15 Import
6 Add user permissions for employee notes add/edit/delete 1.0.3 23-Apr-15 Employees
7 Remove InActive Vendors from auto complete List in Vendor field 1.0.3 23-Apr-15 Vendors
8 Highlight closest matching record 1.0.3 23-Apr-15 Spire
9 Add support for all UPC codes in Sales Orders, Scan Items dialog 1.0.3 23-Apr-15 Inventory
10 Pop lookup list by pressing F9 in a Code field 1.0.3 23-Apr-15 Spire
11 Include Memo, Type, Entity and Document information in Memo column of Reports 1.0.3 23-Apr-15 Reports
12 Allow value in Company Settings, Company, Tax Info, Purchasing Taxes to be removed 1.0.5 22-May-15 Company Settings
13 Do not change status in Sales Order when clicking Process with an invalid Salesperson  1.0.5 22-May-15 Sales
14 Remove “Closed” option from Purchase Order status filter 1.0.5 22-May-15 Purchases
15 Round Purchase Order subtotal to two decimal places  1.0.5 22-May-15 Purchases
16 Support 20 character Vendor Codes 1.0.5 22-May-15 Spire
17 Add ability to Remove Default Filter 1.0.5 22-May-15 Spire
18 Automatically change the due date on an AP Transaction when Invoice date is changed 1.0.5 22-May-15 Accounts Payable
19 Enable Fill Orders tab in Sales Orders 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 Sales
20 All new Accounts Receivable Control Account to be selected in Company Setup, Control Accounts 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 Company Settings
21 Allow Company Settings, General Ledger, Segments, Separator to be changed 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 Company Settings
22 Reset Next Year Currency rates to 0% for each period when performing Year End Close 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 General Ledger
23 Do not allow a currency rate of 0% to be used during posting 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 General Ledger
24 Support Print Selected when using General Ledger Activity Report 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 General Ledger
25 Support both Source and Destination warehouse when importing Inventory Transfers 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 Import
26 Show required fields in Import screen 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 Import
27 Add ability to edit taxes in Edit Warehouse 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 Inventory
28 Display error when attempted to enter a duplication Unit of Measure in Edit Inventory 1.0.6 19-Jun-15 Inventory
29 Add support for July 2015 Payroll Tax Table changes 1.0.7 30-Jun-15 Payroll
30 Add gl_account_balances view  1.0.7 30-Jun-15 General Ledger
31 Show ReProcess button when user has permission 1.0.9 7-Jul-15 Company Settings
32 Add Accounts Payable Batch payment support 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Accounts Payable
33 Payroll official Release 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Payroll
34 Add support to print all selected records on AP Cheque stub 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Accounts Payable
35 Add Order Date column to Sales History 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Sales History
36 Add Tax codes and Print Cheque flags to Vendor Import 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Vendors
37 Add support to print all selected records on AP Cheque 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Accounts Payable
38 Add Sales Order List Report 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Sales
39 Add Sales Order Details List Report 1.1.0 8-Jul-15 Sales
40 Add Default Purchase Order Status setting to User Settings screen 1.1.1 16-Jul-15 Purchases
41 Pop warning when deleting a POS line 1.1.2 16-Jul-15 Point of Sale
42 Allow cheque number to be edited in Edit G/L Account 1.1.3 17-Jul-15 General Ledger
43 Improve Accounts Payable Batch, Take Expired Discounts 1.1.4 31-Jul-15 Accounts Payable
44 Add support for Comments in POS with F7 1.1.4 31-Jul-15 Point of Sale
45 Add Source Filter for INVR to G/L Transactions 1.1.4 31-Jul-15 General Ledger
46 Add support for Records Locks in Communications so only one user may edit a record at one time 1.1.4 31-Jul-15 Communications
47 Show last Invoice posted in the bottom right corner of the screen 1.1.4 31-Jul-15 Sales
48 Show all warehouses when performing a lookup on a Sales Order line if the user has permission for all warehouses 1.1.5 8-Aug-15 Sales
49 Merge Unposted Retained Earnings amount with Retained Earnings on G/L Reports 1.1.9 18-Sep-15 General Ledger
50 Add Gross Pay column to employee row in a Payroll batch 1.1.9 18-Sep-15 Payroll
51 Implement Production Orders, Production Order Templates, Production History and Inventory Components 1.2.0 23-Sep-15 Production
52 Create REST API for Third Party Development use 1.2.0 23-Sep-15 API
53 Improve Serial number and Lot number audit trail 1.2.0 23-Sep-15 Inventory
54 Add menu Edit, Email Templates for maintenance 1.2.0 23-Sep-15  
55 Add Inventory Labels function 1.2.0 23-Sep-15 Inventory
56 Add Contains filter for Customer Type, Inventory Misc and Vendor Buyer fields 1.2.0 23-Sep-15 Inventory
57 Add ability to create a zero Timecard to use for making corrections 1.2.1 5-Oct-15 Payroll
58 Add Inventory Image to Inventory API 1.2.1 5-Oct-15 API
59 Add Serial number section to Finished Goods on Production Build Report 1.2.2 5-Oct-15 Production
60 Add ability to copy General Ledger Accounts 1.2.4 20-Oct-15 General Ledger
61 Add Customer Address tax information to API 1.2.4 20-Oct-15 API
62 Add support for WarehouseStart / WarehouseEnd parameters in Sales History Items reporting 1.2.4 20-Oct-15 Sales History
63 Refresh Available and On Hand fields in Inventory Adjustments as soon as a line is populated 1.2.4 20-Oct-15 Inventory
64 Allow Ship Date to be made blank in Sales Order, Info tab, Carrier section 1.2.4 20-Oct-15 Sales
65 Add ability to have more than 9 pay lines on a timecard 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Payroll
66 Add ability to change benefits and deductions on timecards 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Payroll
67 Add support for zero dollar timecards 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Payroll
68 Add Employee SIN validation and duplicate SIN warning 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Payroll
69 Add Open Employee button to Timecard List 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Payroll
70 Add employees to Timecard in employee number order when using Add All Timecards 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Payroll
71 Show Void Cheque number in Voided Payroll G/L transaction memo 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 General Ledger
72 Add support for segmented Bank Accounts in Accounts Payable 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Accounts Payable
73 Add Next Status button on Production Order List 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Production
74 Add ability to search in Production Templates 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Production
75 Support Location Accounting when posting Sales Deposits 1.2.5 30-Oct-15  
76 Allow Sales Orders to be deleted if the Deposit has been returned 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Sales
77 Add Province columns to Sales Order List 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Sales
78 Allow ShipTo name to be edited in Sales History Invoice Edit 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Sales History
79 Allow tax code to be deleted if no longer in use by Sales Orders 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Sales
80 Default Inventory, Serial numbers tab to show Available serial numbers 1.2.5 30-Oct-15 Inventory
81 Add support for next Payslip number 1.2.7 6-Nov-15 Payroll
82 Allow opening balances to be entered for Advances and Vacation when adding a new Employee 1.2.7 6-Nov-15 Payroll
83 Add support for next Payroll Slip number 1.2.7 6-Nov-15 Payroll
84 Add File, Setup POS Receipt to set defaults for receipt printing 1.2.8 14-Nov-15 Point of Sale
85 Add support for Pending Payments Report inside an Accounts Payable Batch 1.2.8 14-Nov-15 Accounts Payable
86 Allow Sales Account checkbox to be available when creating a new Revenue G/L Account 1.2.8 14-Nov-15 General Ledger
87 Allow Closed Invoices in the Sales Order List to be Invoiced again from Edit Sales Order 1.2.8 14-Nov-15 Sales 
88 Add configurable Payroll Schedule 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Payroll
89 Add user locking to Account Reconciliation so that second users gets Read only access 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 General Ledger
90 Add ability to change Cheque Date format in Edit Currencies including Base Currency 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Multi Currency
91 Allow G/L Group to be changed to another Group within the same Type 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 General Ledger
92 Allow Finance Charge amount to be overridden 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Accounts Receivable
93 Allow Serial number auto generate to work during receiving without requiring a previous serial number receipt 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Inventory
94 Add Void Payment column to Accounts Payable 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Accounts Payable
95 Allow Accounts Payable Discount to be unlinked so that it can be reversed 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Accounts Payable
96 Default to original transaction date when Reversing a G/L Transaction 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 General Ledger
97 Allow selected lot numbers to be changed during Inventory transfer even if Auto Consume is enabled 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Inventory
98 Remove Closed Purchase Order from Purchases list immediately 1.2.9 20-Nov-15 Purchases
99 Add ability to Toggle sub-assemblies in Edit Inventory, Components 1.2.10 4-Dec-15 Inventory
100 Set default phone and fax masks when creating a new company 1.2.10 4-Dec-15  
101 Make Sales Order Communication tab available after first Save 1.2.10 4-Dec-15 Communications
102 Allow Purchase Order with only Freight to be Invoiced 1.2.10 4-Dec-15 Purchases
103 Post Invoice created from a negative Purchase Order as Accounts Payable Vendor Credit Memo 1.2.10 4-Dec-15 Accounts Payable
104 Allow user with GL permissions to edit Journal Transactions while posting 1.2.10 4-Dec-15 General Ledger
105 Add Vendor Code field to Vendor Import 1.2.11 17-Dec-15 Vendors
106 Show 5 decimal places in Price Matrix 1.2.11 17-Dec-15 Price Matrix
107 Allow duplicate SINs in Payroll 1.2.11 17-Dec-15 Payroll
108 2016 Payroll Tax tables added 1.2.12 23-Dec-15 Payroll
109 Add support for Data Centre number in Edit, Company Settings, Company Billing for Bank of Montreal and Scotia Bank 1.2.12 23-Dec-15 Payroll
110 Payroll T4 support added to Payroll menu 1.2.13 20-Jan-16 Payroll
111 Do not allow non Invoice values to be discounted in Accounts Payables Payments, Batch 1.2.14 25-Jan-16 Accounts Payable
112 Show currency column on Sales History List 1.2.14 25-Jan-16 Sales History
113 Show currency column in Sales Order List 1.2.14 25-Jan-16 Sales
114 Allow Credit Invoice to be reprinted from Accounts Receivable screen 1.2.15 27-Jan-16 Accounts Receivable
115 Show taxes for US Company in Company Settings, Variables 1.2.15 27-Jan-16 Company Settings
116 Add custom record for RBC Payroll file 1.2.17 15-Feb-16 Payroll
117 Use current date if Reconciled Date left blank in Account Reconciliation 1.2.17 15-Feb-16 General Ledger
118 Show Item description in Vendor, Prices tab 1.2.17 15-Feb-16 Vendors
119 Show UOM error when displaying a Purchase Order with invalid Unit of Measure 1.2.17 15-Feb-16 Purchases 
120 Add Tools, Recalculate Employee Amounts to repost the year’s timecards to Employee 1.2.18 17-Feb-16 Payroll
121 Allow different memos on every line in GL Transaction import 1.2.20 19-Mar-16 General Ledger
122 Add support for User Defined Fields to all modules (migrate data from BV WorkBook) 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 User Defined Fields
123 Support multiple Vendor prices for different Units of Measure 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Vendors
124 Add CPRS and 1099 fields to Edit Vendor screen 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Payroll
125 Add ability to Filter Timecard List 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Payroll
126 Add Customer Code or Employee number to EFT reference 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Payroll
127 Add Customer, Billing, Average days to pay field 2.0.0 29-Mar-16  
128 Add Apply Finance Charges column to Customer List 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Customers
129 Add Default Warehouse column to Customer List 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Customers
130 Add Last Payment Date column to Accounts Receivable and Customer List 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Accounts Receivable
131 Remove Sales Order comment length restriction 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Sales
132 Add Purchase Order No column to Accounts Receivable 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Accounts Receivable
133 Automatically populate Order Quantity on a Purchase Order based on minimum order quantity and Suggested Order quantity 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Purchases
134 Add columns for Currency and Base cost to Purchase History 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Purchase History
135 Add Manufacturing Notes and Instructions to Inventory, Components 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Inventory
136 Add Refresh button to Account Reconciliation screen 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 General Ledger
137 Show expected Transaction number in Journal Entry screen 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 General Ledger
138 Add User, Sales History, View G/L Transaction permission setting 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 General Ledger
139 Add User, General Ledger, ReValue Currency permission setting 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 General Ledger
140 Add Build Date to Production History List 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Production History
141 Add improved support for .xslx spreadsheet files in Tools, Import 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Import
142 Add Location field to Inventory Adjustment Import 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Inventory
143 Add ability to negative build in Edit Inventory, Components tab 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Inventory
144 Add Standard Cost and Country of Origin to Inventory Multi-Edit 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Inventory
145 Add Product Codes to Edit menu 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Inventory
146 Add Snapshot Schedule to dialog for adding a Company in Spire Tray 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Spire
147 Add setting in Edit user, Reports, Report Development Tools to show extra information while Print Dialog is displayed 2.0.0 29-Mar-16 Spire
148 Allow Payments with attached discounts to be Voided in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable 2.0.1 4-Apr-16 Accounts Receivable
149 Add Open Customer button to Sales Order 2.0.1 4-Apr-16 Sales
150 Add Open Vendor button to Purchase Order 2.0.1 4-Apr-16 Purchases
151 Add support for Attached Remittance Report to Accounts Payable Payments 2.0.2 5-Apr-16 Accounts Payable
152 Introduce Help button to most screens which pops context help from 2.0.4 14-Apr-16 Spire
153 Add support for Direct Deposit number so that selected employees can have cheques printed and the rest direct deposit without consuming cheque numbers 2.0.4 14-Apr-16 Payroll
154 Allow Revalue that was done on Control Accounts to be reversed 2.0.6 21-Apr-16 General Ledger
155 Pop message when a manually entered Sales Order number already exists 2.0.6 21-Apr-16 Sales
156 Allow AP Cheque number entry even if not printing cheque 2.0.8 27-Apr-16 Accounts Payable
157 Allow alpha numeric cheque numbers in AP Cheque entry screen 2.0.8 27-Apr-16 Accounts Payable
158 Add record locking to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Ledgers 2.0.9 4-May-16 General Ledger
159 Update Address name after add/edit Employee name 2.0.10 11-May-16 Employees
160 Refresh Customer ledger after clicking Apply Finance Charge 2.0.10 11-May-16 General Ledger
161 Add View Journal Entry and View Purchase Order buttons in Batch Payable, remove View Invoice 2.0.10 11-May-16  
162 Prompt to update Monthly exchange rate when Currency Exchange rate on Main tab is changed 2.0.10 11-May-16 Multi Currency
163 Ask for Save after editing a Payment Term and navigating to another record 2.0.10 11-May-16 Accounts Receivable
164 Refresh Sales Order item quantities after clicking Save Sales Order 2.0.10 11-May-16 Inventory
165 Add Service Manager (Equipment tracking module) 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Service 
166 Add timecard_entries table to improve Timecard data structure 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Payroll
167 Add User Defined Fields to Timecards 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Payroll
168 Add sorting to Timecard List 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Payroll
169 Add Items tab to Sales module 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Sales
170 Add Items tab to Purchases module 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Purchases
171 Add Receipt tab to Edit Purchase Order to show receipts on this PO 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Purchases
172 Add sorting in Serial/Lot number List 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Inventory
173 Add Vendor Code Change feature 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Vendors
174 Add search capability to ShipTo address lookup list 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Searches
175 Add ability to search for Transaction number in Sales History 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Sales History
176 Add Province column to Sales History, Items tab 2.1.0 1-Jun-16 Sales History
177 Include non-recoverable tax in Inventory Cost when receiving on a Purchase Order 2.1.1 7-Jun-16 Purchases
178 Make Delete button unavailable on a Sales Order with an Invoice number 2.1.1 7-Jun-16 Sales
179 Allow Quote to be Archived without an Invoice Date 2.1.1 7-Jun-16 Sales
180 Allow mixed case UDF without a Mask 2.1.1 7-Jun-16 User Defined Fields
181 Allow new UDF Pages to be created in Edit Customer BillTo and ShipTo addresses 2.1.1 7-Jun-16 User Defined Fields
182 Allow new Equipment to be added on the fly in a Service Order 2.1.1 7-Jun-16 Service Manager
183 Allow Timecard pay records to be sorted and unsorted. Default to unsorted. 2.1.2 9-Jun-16 Payroll
184 Support July 2016 Payroll Tax changes 2.1.3 15-Jun-16 Payroll
185 Respect 11+ character customer codes in POS 2.1.3 15-Jun-16 Point of Sale
186 Add Serial number search to Inventory List 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Inventory
187 Add user Type and Misc fields to Inventory Import 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Inventory
188 Allow the import of Price Matrix records with nonexistent Promo Codes 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Import
189 Allow equipment to be removed from a Sales Order with Service information 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Service Manager
190 Add Equipment auto complete 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Service Manager
191 Add Reconciled column to GL Transactions list 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 General Ledger
192 Add Account Group Alias to GL Accounts List 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 General Ledger
193 Allow Reference field to be populated when creating an Accounts Payable, Payment 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Accounts Payable
194 Add “sent date” information to smtp email message header 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Spire
195 Show Note source on popup communication records that are displayed when logging into Spire 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Communications
196 Use weight from PO line when distributing freight costs by weight on Purchase Order 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Purchases
197 Allow an Account number from another division to be selected in Add GL Transaction 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 General Ledger
198 Allow Benefits and Deductions to be zeroed on a Timecard even if Employee has defaults 2.1.4 22-Jun-16 Payroll
199 Print cheques in Vendor code order in Batch Payables 2.1.5 28-Jun-16 Accounts Payable
200 Make GL Account, Reconcile, Memo sort, not case sensitive 2.1.5 28-Jun-16 General Ledger
201 Add Lot Consume Type column to Inventory Import 2.1.5 28-Jun-16 Import
202 Calculate due date based on Terms while importing Accounts Payable records 2.1.5 28-Jun-16 Accounts Payable
203 Provide auto complete on equipment fields 2.1.5 28-Jun-16 Service Manager
204 Item Allocations – add report to show Sales Orders that have selected items allocated (1st phase) 2.1.6 6-Jul-16 Reports
205 Sample Address Label – Add report to print from Sales Order List and Edit Sales Order 2.1.7 14-07-16 Reports
206 Item Allocations Report– add Purchase Orders and correct Deposit Order status 2.1.7 14-07-16 Reports
207 Do not require a Territory when add new Equipment records 2.1.9 27-07-16 Service
208 Stamp Snapshot file with Local Time to avoid conflicts with Time Zone settings  2.1.13 31-08-16 Core
209 Improve BVMigrate to import Special_Price records even when a Pricing record does not exist 2.1.13 31-08-16 Core
210 Add database constraint to prohibit unbalanced General Ledger Transactions to be created by Spire 2.2 and higher 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Spire
211 Add database constraint to prohibit duplicate Price Matrix records, delete duplicate with oldest modified date, during migration 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Spire
212 Add ability to discount Purchase Order on a line and on the footer 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 PO
213 Add support for Term Discounts on multiple records in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 AR/AP
214 Add support for part payments in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 AR/AP
215 Add ability to Void other transactions in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 AR/AP
216 Add tracking for Year to Date Purchases to Vendor by Period (Last Year, This Year, Next Year) and recalculate purchases  2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Vendors
217 Allow window resizing in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Payment screens 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 AR/AP
218 Add ability to sort in Account Reconciliation Import screen  2.2.0 9-Jul-16 GL
219 Allow large cheque numbers in Edit GL Account 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 GL
220 Allow AR and AP Control Accounts to be deleted from the GL is not yet used 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 GL
221 Add Inventory Label button to Sales Orders and Purchase History 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Inventory
222 Add Company Settings, Sales Orders, Process/Invoicing, Freight, Default FOB setting 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Sales
223 Add user permission settings to change GL Accounts on a Sales Order line 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Sales
224 Add ability to change Purchase Order number in Sales History, Invoice, Edit 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Sales History
225 Change Record in Use message to ‘“USERID” is currently editing this record. It will be opened read-only’ 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Spire
226 Add Default Vendor from Inventory when migrating Sales Orders from Pervasive 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Inventory
227 Ask user to Post when closing GL Journal Entry screen 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 GL
228 Improve Inventory lookups from a Sales Order on multi warehouse inventory 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Sales Orders
229 Support searching for a hyphenated part number in Inventory, ie. ABC-123 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Inventory
230 Add GL Accounts section to Edit Inventory 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Inventory
231 Use monthly currency rate for Currency Revaluation instead of Buy rate 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Spire
232 Improve speed in adding/removing checkmarks in Requisition screen 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Requisition
233 Save Delete Reason when deleting a Sales Order 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Sales Orders
234 Change Accounts Payable Cheque No field to Payment No 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 AP
235 Customer Payment List – add payment method column 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
236 Daily Fill Rate by Invoice – add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
237 Daily Fill Rate by Item – add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
238 Inventory Label 2X1 – new report added for label printer 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
239 Inventory Re-order – add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
240 Pending Purchase Order Receipts – add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
241 Pending Inventory Adjustments – add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
242 POS Receipt– add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
243 Post Inventory Adjustments – add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
244 Receipts Order Fulfillment – add new report 2.2.0 9-Jul-16 Reports
245 Inventory Bar Code Label 5160 – Add new sample Inventory report 2.2.5 10-Mar-16 Reports
246 Add ability to see General Ledger posting screen when receiving a Purchase Order 2.2.5 10-Mar-16 PO
247 Add line number column to Sales Orders, Sales History Invoice, Purchase Orders and History Purchase Order 2.2.6 10-May-16 Spire
248 Consolidated GL Account Activity – add report for consolidated division 00 2.2.8 14-Oct-16 Reports
249 Item Allocations – Show backorder quantity for Kits, identify Quotes, correct run on Inventory List 2.2.8 14-Oct-16 Reports
250 Add permission setting in User, Inventory, Modify kit components 2.2.9 26-Oct-16 Inventory
251 Add user permission setting for Delete Customer Address 2.2.10 11-Feb-16 Customers
252 Add Job Cost module 2.30 14-Oct-16 Job Cost
253 Add Attachment tab to Edit Employee 2.30 14-Oct-16 Employees
254 Job List – add new report 2.30 14-Oct-16 Reports
255 Job Accounts List – add new report 2.30 14-Oct-16 Reports
256 Job Revenue and Expenses – add new report  2.30 14-Oct-16 Reports
257 Deleted Sales Orders – add new report 2.3.2 11-Feb-16 Reports
258 Improve search capability to include partial (contains search) for  2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
259 Sales - Sales Order number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
260 Sales History - Invoice number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
261 Purchases - Purchase Order number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
262 General Ledger - GL Account number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
263 General Ledger, Transactions - GL Transaction number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
264 Customers - Customer Code 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
265 Vendors - Vendor Code 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
266 Inventory - Part number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
267 Production, Orders - Production Order number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
268 Production, Templates, Production Template number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
269 Payroll, Employees - Employee number 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
270 Jobcost - Job number  2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Searches
271 Add button in GL Journal entry screen to Explode Allocations 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 GL
272 Add ability to sort columns in a Purchase Order 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 PO
273 Add a Job Entry button to Edit Job, Entries tab  2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Job Cost
274 Pending Purchase Order Receipt – add Serial and Lot number section 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Reports
275 Employee Ledger Detailed – add report with Benefits and Deductions listed for each timecard 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Reports
276 Sales Cashout – add support for the current location when Location accounting is enabled 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Reports
277 Vendor Activity – hide applied details unless report is run with Show Details set 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Reports
278 Invoice Posted – add Parts and Labour subtotals when Equipment is attached 2.3.3 9-Nov-16 Reports
279 Allow GL Transaction Report to be printed after a GL Transaction 2.3.4 15-Nov-16 GL
280 Accounts Payable Ledger Report Template and add support for date range, Vendor, Currency and Sort Order  2.3.5 17-Nov-16 Reports
281 Add column showing Print cheque flag in Accounts Payables Payment batch 2.3.6 24-Nov-16 AP
282 Add new ‘Accounts Payable Ledger’ Reports Template to File, Run Reports 2.3.6 24-Nov-16 Reports
283 Add Sales tab for Last Year, This Year,, Next Year Totals to Edit Customer 2.3.6 24-Nov-16 Customers
284 Add Levy Code column to Inventory List 2.3.6 24-Nov-16 Inventory
285 Add Invoiced amount column to Purchase List 2.3.6 24-Nov-16 PO
286 Allow Bank Account to be changed in One Time Vendor Payment 2.3.6 24-Nov-16 AP
287 Add ability to set foreground and background colours to Vendors 2.3.6 24-Nov-16 Vendors
288 Add ability to update Customer ShipTo address records with Tools, Import 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Customers
289 Do not allow Customer to be set Inactive if there are Sales Orders for the Customer 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Customers
290 Add tabs to Sales History Invoice view 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Sales History
291 Show Closed batches in Batch List 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Sales
292 Payment On Account Receipt (Batched) – add report for Sales Order List AR Payment button (Batched mode) 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Reports
293 Payment On Account Receipt (Posted) – add report for Sales Order List, AR Payment button (Live Posting mode) 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Reports
294 Batch Journal – add report for Open batches to Batch List 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Reports
295 Batch Journal Reprint – add report for Closed batches to Batch List 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Reports
296 Disbursements Journal – add report to File, Run Reports, Accounts Payable, Accounts Payable Ledger 2.3.7 30-Nov-16 Reports
297 Add Authorization code column to Sales Order Deposits List 2.3.8 7-Dec-16 Sales Orders
298 Add date column to Job Cost, Entries, Add Job entry screen 2.3.8 7-Dec-16 Job Cost
299 Post Reference number to Document field in Accounts Payable 2.3.8 7-Dec-16 AP
300 Remember checkmark in Print after Posting in GL Transaction screen 2.3.8 7-Dec-16 GL
301 Add UDF search to most areas.  2.3.8 7-Dec-16 UDF
302 CPRS – T5018 – add new report to File, Run Reports, Accounts Payable, Accounts Payable Ledger 2.3.8 7-Dec-16 Reports
303 Payment on Account Receipt – show Customer credits that were applied at time of Payment 2.3.8 7-Dec-16 Reports
304 January 2017 Payroll tax table changes 2.40 18-Dec-16 Payroll
305 Improve TD1 Update and suggest index factors as published by CRA, allow override 2.40 18-Dec-16 Payroll
306 Allow Payroll module to be used in a US Company. No US taxation supported. 2.40 18-Dec-16 Payroll
307 Add Current Payroll Year setting to Edit Company, Payroll, General 2.40 18-Dec-16 Payroll
308 Force user to log into Spire with Dec 31 to run Payroll Yearend. Do not allow it to be run twice for the same year. 2.40 18-Dec-16 Payroll
309 Update WCB maximums to published values 2.40 18-Dec-16 Payroll
310 Rename Customer and Vendor search key to Reference.  2.40 18-Dec-16 Cust/Vendor
311 Add Reference number column to AR and AP Payment screens 2.40 18-Dec-16 AR/AP
312 Add UDF access in Customer, Accounts Receivable tab and Vendor, Accounts Payable tab 2.4.1 21-Dec-16 AR/AP/Cust/Vendor
313 Add “Starts with” Option to many module Filters 2.4.2 28-Dec-16 Filters
314 Add new WCB Maximums to 2017 Payroll tables 2.4.3 4-Jan-17 Payroll
315 Update WCB Assessable values in Employee table during TD1 Update 2.4.3 4-Jan-17 Payroll
316 Add Salesperson name column to Sales History List 2.4.3 4-Jan-17 Sales History
317 Add User permissions for Phase and Payment terms to user created when creating a new company in Spire Tray  2.4.3 4-Jan-17 Spire
318 Add User permission for Warehouse Export 2.4.3 4-Jan-17 Exports
319 Remove User permission for Sales Order, Order Detail Sorting, no longer being used 2.4.3 4-Jan-17 Spire
320 Do not show GL Transaction screen during posting if GL Enabled is not checkmarked in Company Settings  2.4.3 4-Jan-17 Spire
321 Communication Notes – add report for Communication module 2.4.4 11-Jan-17 Reports
322 Purchase History – add new report 2.4.4 11-Jan-17 Reports
323 Payroll Cheque-Top – add pay rates and YTD Net Pay 2.4.4 11-Jan-17 Reports
324 Payroll Cheque-Centre – add pay rates and YTD Net Pay 2.4.4 11-Jan-17 Reports
325 Payroll Direct Deposit – add pay rates and YTD Net Pay 2.4.4 11-Jan-17 Reports
326 Purchase Order Summary – add Discounted Total column 2.4.4 11-Jan-17 Reports
327 Allow T4s to be marked as Remitted and do not allow Remitted T4s to be deleted 2.4.5 25-Jan-17 Payroll
328 Allow a Kitted item to be added to a Manufactured item, Components List 2.4.9 8-Feb-17 Production
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